A print and a trim – Spring Summer 16 – Fashion



My Spring Summer 16 collection was brewing within as always before I start to sketch it. Someone mentioned the word textile print in casual conversation and it sparked it. I remembered how Olga Tiernan was a member of a textile printing collective called Print Block in Dublin and I decided to look up her website. There they were, two completely original prints, quirky, very eye-catching without being stunningly beautiful. Just inspiring.

Olga did work experience with me after finishing textile printing College in Edinburgh, about 8-9 years ago now. We got on great and have kept in touch since. We share the same passion for eco friendly fabrics and a sustainable lifestyle.

organic cotton print

It was easy to get the ball rolling.

It is one of these prints in two shades that anchored my new collection. A beautiful fresh Spring green and a vibrant cobalt blue. I see many “things” in this print: kites, birds, leaves…it is abstract and yet figurative at the same time.

Every season, I ask myself what end of rolls from previous collections will I use and how. I do the same with buttons.

I have quite a few leather fasteners left from the past Autumn Winter collection, I ended up needing only a few;  an image comes to my mind of gathered fabrics and absent darts…

This one rolled easily too and the manipulation this time is simply around draping and cinching the fabrics through these fasteners or through pretty ties.leather trim-spring summer16 fashion

This is my first collection under my own name Sophie Rieu. It is purposefully small and is not too dressy or formal. It is fresh, feels very new and now to me. It consists in dresses, tops and skirts. It is made from organic cotton, Irish linen and silk. I am so very excited about it!