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Welcome to Foliage

I've called this new collection Foliage, after the gentle colour variations of leaves in the Autumn, giving the impression of intricate folds as they move in the sunlight. The main recurring feature on my sketchpad this time was a crease line between the main fabric and the lining. It took shape as a fold-in collar showing a corner or a curve of the vibrant shimmering silk lining underneath. I have always loved mixing textures and playing with light and dark: I love the borders where silk meets wool and their contrasting feel, layered in different ways. The bright grace of the silk cradles on the dark timeless wool.

Another recurring theme visiting my drawings for the first time were inverted asymmetric darts that created volume as they went. 

I have placed them on dresses, a top and a skirt and they helped me to launch the fullness of the piece from a particular point on the body, creating fit and flare in the same garment. I love how feminine and dance-like the pieces are as a result, just like foliage in the wind…displaying colours, textures, volume in a harmonious symphony. Beauty is never just skin deep in my book. By purchasing Unicorn by Sophie Rieu, you care for what you wear in more ways than one, and you choose not to compromise beauty over conscience. I make clothes mindfully: I am loyal to my suppliers and have chosen mills in Ireland, the UK, Italy, France and Germany to pick fabrics (wool crepe, tweed, silk, merino fleece, wool twill) for their exquisite quality but also because I know they were made in good, caring conditions.

I feel as if the clothes of each collection have a soul of their own. Each piece has been greatly cared for from its conception and you are the one who will bring them to life by wearing them and in turn caring for them.

All the finished pieces were made in an atelier in Harold's Cross, Dublin.

Choose style with awareness and treat yourself to pieces that will be with you for many years, telling your own story as you please. 

All the fabrics used are natural and certified organic where possible.

All the clothes are originally designed in my studio in Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Sophie Rieu

With love,



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